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Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

A comprehensive Optionflys plan,
Long Call Option Strategy
Long Put Option Strategy
Vertical Debit/Credit Spread
Diagonal Call/Puts Spread
Calendar Call/Puts Spread
Long Butterfly Call/Puts Strategy

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What We Do?

At Optionflys, we teach you how to succeed at options trading

We provide proprietary options trading knowledge to people who are committed long-term to trading. If you want to learn more about options trading and grow your portfolio, but don't have the time or knowledge to do it full-time, Option flys is for you.
We're a trading community built on trust, long-term relationships, and the belief that knowledge should be freely shared.

My Experience

Imran Naim
Founder & CEO of Optionflys.com

I am a Technical Advisor at Optionflys.com. My goal is to empower the everyday person to think and trade like a professional trader. After 15 years of explosive trading results employing Elliott Wave market analysis, I founded Optionflys.com. I share market analysis and trade signals with my subscribers so they can take decisive action, block out the noise, and record the win. I invite you to sign-up and join our winning team today!


About Us

The mission here at Optionflys.com is to provide education to anyone interested in options and futures trading. We are an online reference and strategy guide that aims to simplify the complex world of derivatives trading, intuitive charts and detailed examples.